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DIY: Accessories’ organiser

Posted: August 8, 2013 in DIY projects

I was never good in organizing my stuff but since I started checking, I became very interested to do my own DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that will help me declutter my things.

So, here is my DIY accessories organisers and how I made them.

A. Organiser for bracelet and dangling earrings

What the hell do I need to get started (materials):

  • 2 rolls of the paper towels that you’ve already used up
  • 1 used up box – this one was a box of a bracelet that I bought and good thing it comes with a foam
  • glue
  • tapes
  • scissors
  • silver spray paint

What should I do with these things (steps):

1. take photos of your materials to document it just like what I did (hahaha)



2. trace the roll on the foam, then cut out to form a hole. set aside.


3. Put glue on the edge of the roll then stick it to the box. Be sure that it’s secured by putting tapes around it – much better if you have a glue gun as this will make your life easier. I just haven’t bought myself one hence I’m using glue and tapes.


4. Put the foam to cover up the tape and to also make it look nicer. Let it dry. You can also add weight on top to make sure that the roll really sticks to the box.


5. After drying, time to spray paint! But wait, before you do this, be sure you put newspapers or used cardboards to your spraying area so that the paint doesn’t go to the wall. Read the spray paint label before proceeding. I won’t put the instructions here so that you really read it 😛

9. Spray paint all sides. Let it dry and once it’s dried…


10. Time to arrange your bracelets and dangling earrings on your fancy silver organiser!


B. Organiser for necklaces, belts and headbands

What the hell do I need to get started (materials):

  • Used up kitchen hooks
  • random strings you have in your house that you’re not using
  • gold spray paint
  • nail or screw

What should I do with these things (steps):

1. Wipe clean the kitchen holder.


2. Spray paint both the kitchen holder and the string. Again be sure you read the spray paint label before proceeding. Let it dry.


and once they’re both dried, tie the strings and hang it on wall – tip, to ensure that it’s stable, turn the strings on the nail. You can also put 2-3 nails or screws.

4. Time to hang your necklaces, belts and headbands on your stylish golden organizer!


*special thanks to my boyfriend, Peter, for surprising me with the spray paints! Now, I’m a giddy gal spray painting my way to happiness!*