Who am I???

Cha is a…

TRAVELER – the world is a big and colorful playground for me. Even my home country, Philippines, is full of breath-taking destinations.

FOODIE – nothing beats a good bowl of noodles on rainy (ok even sunny) days, the authentic taste of local delicacies and all those gastronomic dishes bursting in my mouth.

ADVENTURE-LOVER – There’s something about my blood rising and my heart-beat pumping whenever I do something crazy or foolish whether it’s rafting, surfing, rappelling down a waterfall, or the sheer fact of eating street food (cricket alert!). I think it’s my body telling me that I am very much alive and I can do a lot of things.

and most of all BLESSED – I put my FAITH in Jesus Christ, God’s beloved Son, who died to save me. But my faith doesn’t make my life less complicated nor like everything is about sunshine – my faith gives me the strength to face all the challenges that life throws at me.


JEDIDIAH is the first name given to King Solomon. The name means “loved by God”.

See related verse: 2 Samuel 12:24-25 🙂

  1. Ivey Rashid says:

    Nice explanation!:)

  2. Prashanta says:

    I wish I was loved by God tooo ..heheh

  3. Mygirl says:

    it’s only now that I was able to open and read your blogs… i enjoyed reading all of it most especially your article on “Mother’s Love”. I can relate to it.. all of your blogs were so wonderful and i am looking forward for more from you…. keep up cha!

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