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Ram is a kuya, tatay, friend, Bible Study leader, counselor, walking knowledge on anything cool, great story-teller, bonggang coffee-maker that can make Starbucks go bankrupt if ever too many people realized how yummy his coffee is without spending big bucks (ssshhhh), counter-cultural, an advocate of High-trust cultures and many more so to cut it short – he is one of God’s precious gift to me.

Meet Ram. The Chizbol photo will properly replace this once I received the scanned photo from our ever reliable repository of everything great photo memories, Ate Trins.

I met him through my friends in Kalayaan Dorm. Me and my roommate, Mei-mei, went for a dinner with the other guys at Likha Diwa in one cold night of December 2003. That dinner was the start of creating great memories with Kuya Ram and the rest of our BS group. Since then, we would meet for TNT’s (Tuesday Nights Together) and Thursdays PLUS sleepovers in their apartment in Kalayaan Ave (thanks also to Kuya JayArre, Chuckie and Kuya Mike!) or the Pinzon’s Apartment in Anonas (thanks to the Pinzon family and Hobbes!). He then rented a place with Roy in Katipunan. It was small BUT amazingly it can fit a dozen people! Well, we do love sleepovers so we didn’t have problems with sleeping set-ups. We even devised shifts: the others would watch series, play games or keep on talking while the others who need to go home earlier the next day sleeps (or sometimes didn’t sleep at all!).

BS. Thursdays have never been the same. Do we have a complete BS group photo tucked somewhere???

Kuya Ram’s passion easily rubbed on me (I would like to use US but then the others might have a say on this so I’m leaving it to them). He talked with so much enthusiasm that I didn’t get bored at all. I would intently listen to him whether he talked about a particular scene in the Horse and His Boy, sang along with matching jump and drumming hands to Jars of Clay, read aloud the properties of a newly bought coffee pack, tells us how delicious a particular brand of cake is, or create a yummy sound while eating Soft Batch cookies.

Looking back, I realized how Kuya Ram never made me feel such a loser for not knowing about things. I remembered when we would discuss a new book or even a Bible verse and at first I don’t get what the author was trying to say, but because of his love for conversations, we would eventually get what the book is about. Discussions would go on and on (with matching coffee and cake/cookie on the side or even without those) until late nights when all the sound in the campus would go silent – and in between Ipil and Yakal Dorm, in the darkness of the UPd Navs Tambayan, we would each say our prayers for the things that we’ve learned, things we didn’t understand, things we hope for, of people we care about and of our own journey to knowing God whom we, as a BS group, is trying to get closer to upto this day.

He shared about these things "panushet-ly" that I have come to love them as well.

He shares his passion for things in a way that made me appreciate them too.¬†Words are not enough to describe how much I love this man, how much this man has changed me in so many ways just by knowing him, how this man influenced me to be the person that I am now, how this man made me believe in a high trust community that being vulnerable is okay, and how this man was able to bless my life with his passion and enthusiasm. How can I forget him when most of the things that I love now was because of him… That’s how influential this man is!

Happy Days. On our way to CDO for the Navigators' Leadership Camp.

Thank you so much Kuya Ram!

I super love you and super duper miss you!!!

I’m sure your coffee maker misses you, as well as your coffee drinkers in the Philippines!

Toast to more great memories!

*Extra Note:

CONGRATULATIONS on your masters and a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I don’t really know when will you be able to read this or even watch the video but as sure as how I am secured of your love for us, I am sure that you will eventually read this one when you get hold of an “internet-connected” computer after your Wheaton Days. ūüôā Looking forward of seeing you, hugging you, listening to you and tasting your newly found brand of coffee!

I was supposed to make a photo collage of us greeting you but I never got to email you due to the lack of photos and eventually me not being able to do one myself. Haha excuses (sorry naman), anyway highway, here are the two photos from Garn and Mei-Mei:

I was surprised Garn sent me a couple of photos. Excited much for this :). Check it out, he's still sporting the bonnet look! And look at your handwriting Kuya Ram - I miss it with your SUN drawing, too!

My Kalai roommate Mei-mei. Aminin! We both had a crush on Kuya Ram during the first night that we met him and gushed over it after the Likha Diwa dinner hahaha


We Are Sisters

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This was a typical thing that my sister and I did when we were younger. Since we share the same room and the same bed, we were very “close” to do these things. Our parents’ room was beside ours so they could hear us fighting each other over petty things. We have 3 older brothers and my sister is 4 years older than me – we should had been the best playmates but we weren’t.

Those were the days and the HAIR! Manang Chatty, Mamocka and Me.

As we grew older, we also grew tired from the fighting and found a thing that we both liked doing – our “pocketbook” adventures. I say adventures because our Mom wouldn’t allow us to read romance pocketbooks plus considering most of them were in Tagalog (yaaaay! busted!). We spent some of our allowance in borrowing pocketbooks from Bon Ami or if we were lucky, borrow some from Manang Kammen, the wife of our cousin, for free! We would read it either with our back facing each other or we were on the opposite ends of the bed. Our mom would shout from the other room that we should stop reading because she can still see the lights were on and it was already midnight. So sometimes we would resort to using flashlights or “gasera” (haha thanks to our Papang who made it for us). We were both cry-babies so we had a roll of tissue in between us while reading – with matching¬†blowing¬†our noses scenes.

Then my sister went to University of Sto. Tomas for college, giving us the necessary distance that ended our fights. I eventually missed her and would always asked Mom to bring me during their visits in UST. I remembered the day when she toured me in her school. It was beautiful! The students look cool in their white uniforms, there were trees and lots of benches, it was just peaceful for me sitting there watching the students walk and chatter in between periods. The church inside the school was also amazing especially when the choir started singing, filling the atmosphere with their angelic voices. I told myself, I will also go to this school just like Manang. Well, I eventually chose another school.

The sisters finally doing some bonding time aside from pocketbooks and the fighting. ūüėõ

She went home during sem breaks, and I specifically remember that she would always cooked “kalabasa” or the pumpkin dish typical in the Philippines. My brothers and I would joke her about it – she had an excuse though that it was the only thing available in the kitchen (ahuh?) Between the two of us, she’s the more responsible type. Well, she cleaned the house, cooked, washed the dishes, and was way more organized with her things. She’s older so she should be (ahuh, this was my excuse). Mom, won a La Germania stove with matching oven during their office’s Christmas Party. So aside from the Pumpkin dish, she then baked banana cakes (always during sembreaks!) – again saying due to the availability of materials in the kitchen (but I think the reason behind was that it was so easy to do hahaha). ¬†Now that she was married, she can cook a wide variety of dishes – to name a few: wicked pasta dishes and the sinigang!!! Oh the pork Sinigang!¬†She never failed to cook something whenever I visit them in Taguig – so this goes without saying my expectations when I go back home ;).

The Morales Family. Ate Chatty and Kuya Dante with their pretty girls: Yza and Mikmik.

I see her as a strong woman who found the very thing that she will fight for – her family.¬†She is doing a pretty good job being a wife and a mom to two beautiful girls. Despite the responsibilities that she had to share with Kuya Dante, she still is as funny as ever. My GMP friends and I agree that she was funnier that I am. She was also dubbed as “Kapitana” (Female Captain) at work because she can both make people listen to her or read her emails whether they were serious or just corny jokes. Just like me, she still has a kid’s heart because she happily beamed while sharing to me how she won a Quiz Bee contest at work, getting all those exciting goodies, or just finding a good pocketbook . She also never failed to think of kiddie games for family events.


I miss you Manang and I am looking forward for your visit here with pretty Yza! May God strengthen you always! AJA AJA! Maligayang Kaarawan Kapitana!

***MANANG is an Ilocano word that means ATE or OLDER SISTER. MANONG is used for guys. Thanks to soap operas for using it to call their paid help (inserting sarcasm here just in case you didn’t get that), now those two words were commonly used at such BUT I still use MANONG and MANANG to call my older brothers and sister because those words have a closer meaning to me.

Getting older requires a certain level of maturity. Along the way of adding more years to our life and responsibilities piling up, we shed off a part of us – a part of us that has been there ever since. We shed off the simplicity of a kid’s heart that easily rejoices at the sight of a candy, a marble or playing bahay-bahayan in a self-made shack.

So I asked my friends to relive their days of being kids and two of them responded:

DISNEYLAND. A life size time machine that will make one really nostalgic.

Where else can we feel being a kid again than the happiest place on earth? Yes, you heard it right. Disneyland that is.¬†How can we ever forget the wicked step mother of Cinderella? the cute little dwarfs of¬† Snow White?¬† Aladdin’s magic lamp? or How handsome Belle’s prince charming minus the spell?¬†I almost cried when I saw stunning fireworks while hearing the lines ” unbelievable stars, indescribable feeling…” It was an indescribable feeling¬†reminiscing my childhood days. Cheers to Disney babies.

Liz-liz, Childhood Dream: Doctor-Doctoran.


A bubble day with my small cousins was nostalgic. When we were in pre-school, my cousins of my age and I used to make bubbles with Gumamela as the main ingredient since we had lots of Gumamela around the family house. It was always a fun and bubbly (duh? haha!) moment.

Rica, Childhood Dream: To become a Pink Ranger of Power Rangers.

HANDMADE CARDS. I was opting for a pig-tail look but I only had one pony.

I used to make lots of these when I was a kid. I would make one for every Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Valentines Day and all the special days that people can think of. I made it this morning in time for P’Kois birthday. And it made me feel like a kid, plus the fact that my “artwork” didn’t improved much throughout the years. I love receiving handmade cards and I realized I missed and loved making one, too.

Chalet, Childhood Dream: Doctor, Secretary or Jason’s girlfriend, Jason The Red Ranger LOL


This entry is connected with my other blog post Our Simple Joys. Well, reality kicks in and we can never really go back. So many changes happened to us but for a brief moment there, we experienced a part of us that has been lost, or so we thought.

I decided to have my own Personal Projects aside from learning and traveling. It was a good thing that I had a conversation with my friend, Len, about artworks. So this was how I made a go for it.

I felt like a kid again as I entered The Mall Bang Kapi, the nearest shopping mall near my area. My target was¬†to buy art materials for my ARTe projects or more of like gradeschool type artworks (seriously, don’t expect a Picasso type of arts from me).¬† There were clothes, shoes and bag with a large SALE word but I was not tempted to check them out (oooppps, ok except for the Bata shoes :P).

I was quite dismayed while I was looking for art materials¬†since the¬†first two stores that I went to didn’t have many¬†choices. So armed with a bit of Thai words that I learned and with the power of my body language, I understood what the sales lady told me on where I should look for the things I need.

Taraaaaaaan, I found this store on the 3rd floor of The Mall Bang Kapi, near the exit of the parking area.

BE TREND. I got overwhelmed on where I should start, but as they said: Idea non-stop, so move!

I aimed at the coloring materials section and headed to Faber Castell’s shelf. After debating with myself, I settled with this:

FABER CASTELL 24 Water Color Pencils. It comes with a free brush and pencil. Cool!

I need a pad to use it with so I¬†bought a thick paper (the label was in thai so I didn’t know the specifications but it was¬†thick enough to absorb water plus it had a rough texture which I really like) and a Faber-Castell multimark.

I also bought envelops and stationaries for¬†my Snail Mail project¬†with Linus Chung of Malaysia. I’ll try to blog about this separately. So after paying everything, I was ready to go home but not yet. I stopped by McDonalds to buy an Oreo Mcflurry as a reward for another healthy week. After everything was set, I went on to do¬†my first ARTe project:

I have a mouse but I didn’t have a mousepad. I’ve been using scratch papers as a substitute. Well, it is easy for me to buy a mousepad but I thought it would be more fun to make one.

The first Smiley Mousepad that I did.

I wasn’t very happy with the multi-colored smileys so¬†I decided to make another one.

YEHEY! I like this better.

 The finish product is now ready to use. In fact, I am using it NOW as I was writing this post. I bet my mouse is smiling as it glides on his new mousepad.


I am excited to do my other¬†ARTe projects in the next days to come. ūüôā

BTW, I have another extra Multi-colored Smiley Mousepad. Let me know if you want to have it. LOL