Live with Contradictions

Posted: July 11, 2011 in love, random thoughts
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Life challenges us...

To see beauty amidst imperfections.
To answer hate with love.
To feel joy despite the tears.
To be at peace in the midst of chaos.

To glorify in our sorrows.
To be grateful in the presence of pain.
To realize the necessity of suffering.
To exalt Him in moments of tribulations.
  1. jam says:

    Hi Ate Cha, yung shinare kahapon ni kuya Rain sa kapatiran: Life in this fallen world sucks, it is 80% bad, and 20% good. But we gather together in worship, as rebels burning with passion, fists held high, and shout “that (80%) is not the final say Lord, YOU are”. or something like that. even emos like me have no excuse for worship, hehe. Praise the LORD! 🙂

  2. Gain Freemen says:

    chaleet! long tme~ love this post 😀

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