Ram is the Man

Posted: March 29, 2011 in love, Personal Projects
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Ram is a kuya, tatay, friend, Bible Study leader, counselor, walking knowledge on anything cool, great story-teller, bonggang coffee-maker that can make Starbucks go bankrupt if ever too many people realized how yummy his coffee is without spending big bucks (ssshhhh), counter-cultural, an advocate of High-trust cultures and many more so to cut it short – he is one of God’s precious gift to me.

Meet Ram. The Chizbol photo will properly replace this once I received the scanned photo from our ever reliable repository of everything great photo memories, Ate Trins.

I met him through my friends in Kalayaan Dorm. Me and my roommate, Mei-mei, went for a dinner with the other guys at Likha Diwa in one cold night of December 2003. That dinner was the start of creating great memories with Kuya Ram and the rest of our BS group. Since then, we would meet for TNT’s (Tuesday Nights Together) and Thursdays PLUS sleepovers in their apartment in Kalayaan Ave (thanks also to Kuya JayArre, Chuckie and Kuya Mike!) or the Pinzon’s Apartment in Anonas (thanks to the Pinzon family and Hobbes!). He then rented a place with Roy in Katipunan. It was small BUT amazingly it can fit a dozen people! Well, we do love sleepovers so we didn’t have problems with sleeping set-ups. We even devised shifts: the others would watch series, play games or keep on talking while the others who need to go home earlier the next day sleeps (or sometimes didn’t sleep at all!).

BS. Thursdays have never been the same. Do we have a complete BS group photo tucked somewhere???

Kuya Ram’s passion easily rubbed on me (I would like to use US but then the others might have a say on this so I’m leaving it to them). He talked with so much enthusiasm that I didn’t get bored at all. I would intently listen to him whether he talked about a particular scene in the Horse and His Boy, sang along with matching jump and drumming hands to Jars of Clay, read aloud the properties of a newly bought coffee pack, tells us how delicious a particular brand of cake is, or create a yummy sound while eating Soft Batch cookies.

Looking back, I realized how Kuya Ram never made me feel such a loser for not knowing about things. I remembered when we would discuss a new book or even a Bible verse and at first I don’t get what the author was trying to say, but because of his love for conversations, we would eventually get what the book is about. Discussions would go on and on (with matching coffee and cake/cookie on the side or even without those) until late nights when all the sound in the campus would go silent – and in between Ipil and Yakal Dorm, in the darkness of the UPd Navs Tambayan, we would each say our prayers for the things that we’ve learned, things we didn’t understand, things we hope for, of people we care about and of our own journey to knowing God whom we, as a BS group, is trying to get closer to upto this day.

He shared about these things "panushet-ly" that I have come to love them as well.

He shares his passion for things in a way that made me appreciate them too. Words are not enough to describe how much I love this man, how much this man has changed me in so many ways just by knowing him, how this man influenced me to be the person that I am now, how this man made me believe in a high trust community that being vulnerable is okay, and how this man was able to bless my life with his passion and enthusiasm. How can I forget him when most of the things that I love now was because of him… That’s how influential this man is!

Happy Days. On our way to CDO for the Navigators' Leadership Camp.

Thank you so much Kuya Ram!

I super love you and super duper miss you!!!

I’m sure your coffee maker misses you, as well as your coffee drinkers in the Philippines!

Toast to more great memories!

*Extra Note:

CONGRATULATIONS on your masters and a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I don’t really know when will you be able to read this or even watch the video but as sure as how I am secured of your love for us, I am sure that you will eventually read this one when you get hold of an “internet-connected” computer after your Wheaton Days. 🙂 Looking forward of seeing you, hugging you, listening to you and tasting your newly found brand of coffee!

I was supposed to make a photo collage of us greeting you but I never got to email you due to the lack of photos and eventually me not being able to do one myself. Haha excuses (sorry naman), anyway highway, here are the two photos from Garn and Mei-Mei:

I was surprised Garn sent me a couple of photos. Excited much for this :). Check it out, he's still sporting the bonnet look! And look at your handwriting Kuya Ram - I miss it with your SUN drawing, too!

My Kalai roommate Mei-mei. Aminin! We both had a crush on Kuya Ram during the first night that we met him and gushed over it after the Likha Diwa dinner hahaha

  1. rank says:

    Cha! Very nice. Namiss ko na tuloy si kuya ram..hihi

  2. garnor says:

    oww now i miss him like a toothache! “It was small BUT amazingly it can fit a dozen people!” , “in the darkness of the UPd Navs Tambayan” . hahaha 😀 thanks chalet, im laughing with tear in my eye. yes its singular

  3. chajedidiah says:

    ahuh! singular? haha kulang pa yan, wala pa yung: miracle pancit cantons, saving the water drama by not taking a bath, etc 😉

  4. mei says:

    haha he’s so nice and lovable 😀 i think the next day “tatay” na tingin ko sa kanya. haha

  5. ram says:

    this is one of the awesomest things i’ve seen in a while. very sweet. much thanks. i frickin love you guys. very much. hop[e you know. we need to all chat soon, don’t we? 😀

    thanks cha, big big hug from here 😀

    • chajedidiah says:

      Of course we know that, so now worries Kuya. Big big hug from here as well! Thank you so much for calling me before I left Manila. That was one of the most memorable phone calls I’ve received. And yes, I was crying… happy tears!

      Enjoy your remaining days in Colorado! Much love and cyber hugs from all of us!

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