When I can’t find the words to say, Jon Foreman sings for me

Posted: March 1, 2011 in music / movies
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I only knew him before as the lead vocalist and main composer of Switchfoot and that one of his singles was Only Hope, which sky rocketed to fame due to the movie A Walk to Remember. He was also “forced” to eat Balut during their Manila concert 4 years ago. The closest thing I was able to get to him was when we waited outside their dressing room but I was only able to see the top of his head, blame it to all the crazy fans.

Switchfoot's Dare You To Move Concert in Manila with UPd Navigators.

Benjie then sent me a dropbox list which includes his solo albums. Sure, I downloaded all of them but failed to listen to his albums until my laptop’s hard disk finally crashed – erasing to oblivion the files saved on it. But last weekend, I saw Benjie’s status using a phrase from one of Switchfoot’s songs which made me remember Jon. So I looked him up on youtube. This was the start of a renewed connection between the two of us – a connection forged by his music that speaks in my behalf. He offered so much more – his insights, his own journey and struggles as seen on his lyrics. It is not the usual “Christian” music that offers you straight on the face what the song is all about – not the kind of music that is played during Sunday services either. Jon’s music (as well as that of Switchfoot’s) needs time to grow in you, you have to listen to it over and over again and slowly uncover its message- which was what i did. I listened to his songs and I also sang with him (with my out-of-tune voice) as if those are the words that I’ve been meaning to say but wasn’t able to find those words on my own. Thank you Jon Foreman for releasing your Seasons EP. I want to share to you some of his songs that I really love:

Learning How to Die from his Winter EP

Instead of a Show from his Summer EP

Somebody’s Baby from his Winter EP

Equally Skilled from his Fall EP

A Cure for the Pain from his Fall EP

Deep in Your Eyes from his Summer EP

Just so you know, Jon Foreman finally made me regret that I will not be in Manila in time for Switchfoot’s 2nd concert. Here are the details if you want to check them out. Below are Jon’s live versions of two Switchfoot songs that made me press the replay button again and again.

If you're going, please sing in behalf of me! Rakenrol!

This is Home from Switchfoot’s The Best Yet Album

Vice Verses from Switchfoot’s Vice Verses album that was released last year.

I would love to put all the songs here but that would be too long. Thus, I leave you something to look up to in youtube. I also want to share to you a part of a post by a blogger named Jeff, “Jon wasn’t singing “Lord, I Lift Your Name On High,” but he was most definitely sharing biblical truths in a way that transcended style and culture but still communicated eternal hope. I realized that it took a lot of depth and soul-searching to understand a song by Jon Foreman.”

(Click here to read his full blog post)

***Lastly, I thank Benjie Flores for sending me again the dropbox link. I am now listening to Jon’s Seasons EP as I was writing this post. 🙂

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