We Are Kids Again

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Personal Projects
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Getting older requires a certain level of maturity. Along the way of adding more years to our life and responsibilities piling up, we shed off a part of us – a part of us that has been there ever since. We shed off the simplicity of a kid’s heart that easily rejoices at the sight of a candy, a marble or playing bahay-bahayan in a self-made shack.

So I asked my friends to relive their days of being kids and two of them responded:

DISNEYLAND. A life size time machine that will make one really nostalgic.

Where else can we feel being a kid again than the happiest place on earth? Yes, you heard it right. Disneyland that is. How can we ever forget the wicked step mother of Cinderella? the cute little dwarfs of  Snow White?  Aladdin’s magic lamp? or How handsome Belle’s prince charming minus the spell? I almost cried when I saw stunning fireworks while hearing the lines ” unbelievable stars, indescribable feeling…” It was an indescribable feeling reminiscing my childhood days. Cheers to Disney babies.

Liz-liz, Childhood Dream: Doctor-Doctoran.


A bubble day with my small cousins was nostalgic. When we were in pre-school, my cousins of my age and I used to make bubbles with Gumamela as the main ingredient since we had lots of Gumamela around the family house. It was always a fun and bubbly (duh? haha!) moment.

Rica, Childhood Dream: To become a Pink Ranger of Power Rangers.

HANDMADE CARDS. I was opting for a pig-tail look but I only had one pony.

I used to make lots of these when I was a kid. I would make one for every Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Valentines Day and all the special days that people can think of. I made it this morning in time for P’Kois birthday. And it made me feel like a kid, plus the fact that my “artwork” didn’t improved much throughout the years. I love receiving handmade cards and I realized I missed and loved making one, too.

Chalet, Childhood Dream: Doctor, Secretary or Jason’s girlfriend, Jason The Red Ranger LOL


This entry is connected with my other blog post Our Simple Joys. Well, reality kicks in and we can never really go back. So many changes happened to us but for a brief moment there, we experienced a part of us that has been lost, or so we thought.

  1. jarner says:

    i miss your pig tail cha! cute 😀

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