A Mousepad of Smileys

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Personal Projects
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I decided to have my own Personal Projects aside from learning and traveling. It was a good thing that I had a conversation with my friend, Len, about artworks. So this was how I made a go for it.

I felt like a kid again as I entered The Mall Bang Kapi, the nearest shopping mall near my area. My target was to buy art materials for my ARTe projects or more of like gradeschool type artworks (seriously, don’t expect a Picasso type of arts from me).  There were clothes, shoes and bag with a large SALE word but I was not tempted to check them out (oooppps, ok except for the Bata shoes :P).

I was quite dismayed while I was looking for art materials since the first two stores that I went to didn’t have many choices. So armed with a bit of Thai words that I learned and with the power of my body language, I understood what the sales lady told me on where I should look for the things I need.

Taraaaaaaan, I found this store on the 3rd floor of The Mall Bang Kapi, near the exit of the parking area.

BE TREND. I got overwhelmed on where I should start, but as they said: Idea non-stop, so move!

I aimed at the coloring materials section and headed to Faber Castell’s shelf. After debating with myself, I settled with this:

FABER CASTELL 24 Water Color Pencils. It comes with a free brush and pencil. Cool!

I need a pad to use it with so I bought a thick paper (the label was in thai so I didn’t know the specifications but it was thick enough to absorb water plus it had a rough texture which I really like) and a Faber-Castell multimark.

I also bought envelops and stationaries for my Snail Mail project with Linus Chung of Malaysia. I’ll try to blog about this separately. So after paying everything, I was ready to go home but not yet. I stopped by McDonalds to buy an Oreo Mcflurry as a reward for another healthy week. After everything was set, I went on to do my first ARTe project:

I have a mouse but I didn’t have a mousepad. I’ve been using scratch papers as a substitute. Well, it is easy for me to buy a mousepad but I thought it would be more fun to make one.

The first Smiley Mousepad that I did.

I wasn’t very happy with the multi-colored smileys so I decided to make another one.

YEHEY! I like this better.

 The finish product is now ready to use. In fact, I am using it NOW as I was writing this post. I bet my mouse is smiling as it glides on his new mousepad.


I am excited to do my other ARTe projects in the next days to come. 🙂

BTW, I have another extra Multi-colored Smiley Mousepad. Let me know if you want to have it. LOL


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