Everyday, people are bombarded with ads that say: you can be happy if you own a new house, a sleek car, the latest Iphones, wearing branded clothes etc. People feel sad if they are not able to buy it, but those ads doesn’t speak about what happiness really is. Happiness can be found even in the simplest of things.



Dogs are sweet, loyal, playful, attentive, and comforting.

– Janna, Software Engineer.


I don’t have to wear heels when I go to work.

– Len,  Web Admin & Development Program Specialist.


No music, no life.

– Jepoy, Architect.


Comfort food. When I’m feeling blue, sweets, especially cakes paired with black coffee lessens the sadness.

– Estan, Freelance Photographer and Blogger who travels to destress.


God’s word is really wonderful and powerful that it never fails to make me feel beautiful and very much loved!

– Lanie, Junior Geologist.

RED RIBBON'S CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. (photo by philgifts.com)

Masarap and I just love it. Yun lang ang request ko for my birthday, solved nako.

– Andy, Iphone App Developer.


The beauty of an exquisite art – dance. Ever since I was a kid, I knew my heart is ecstatic whenever I am on the dancefloor.  Most of all, dance is the best way I know how to worship my Maker.

– Steph, Interior Designer.

STUFFED TOYS. Jeab, Trinoma, and P'Mhee.

Because I love them and I always play with them. When I go for fieldwork, I always bring Trinoma along with me.

– Tao, Head of HR Section.


Temporarily away from each other, a photo of her brings simple joy to my day.

– Ferds, Art Director.


I Scream for Ice Cream. This cold treat never lets me down, it has been my comfort food which brightens me up whenever negative vibes seems to take over. It give spark of happiness in my heart without causing me much.

-Issang, Researcher and Graphic Artist.


I saw this kid in a hospital at Hat Yai. She might be sick but she was holding a cute smile on her face. For me, simple joy is watching other people being happy at simple stuffs.

– Ivey, Software Engineer.


There’s a difference between buying a card and making one. The latter doesn’t cost much but it brings more joy because it speaks of how much effort one puts to make a common bond paper come to life. This birthday card was made by 4 year old niece, Yza.

– Cha, IR Officer and FK Norway Exchange Participant.


Life is made up of ordinary things that we make extraordinary when we savour the beauty and joy of it. Thank you so much to my friends who contributed their photos and patiently entertained my “pangungulit”. I had a great time doing this blog and knowing the simple things that make you happy. 🙂

  1. Amita says:

    Ya, simple things worth much much more than any other!!

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