A Mother’s Love

Posted: February 9, 2011 in love, random thoughts
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A mother who has sacrificed so much of herself for her family deserves to be treated like a Queen. I miserably failed to make my mother feel that way.

Mom and I

My Mom, Charito Cueto Fernandez, is a short woman (just a little above my shoulders) sporting a boy-cut hair for as long as I can remember. We would tease her when we were younger because she would always save the best things (from new blankets to Corelle dining sets) and use it for special occasions or when we have guests. She can be  a real chatter-box, too, who will always tell you stories of this or that.

But beyond Mom’s quirks, she was and always is an ever supportive and loving mother of 5 children (my 3 older brothers, my older sister and to me, the youngest). Our family had been through a lot – from financial crisis, to sleepless nights of fighting, to separation etc. But our Mom tried her best to still keep the family together. She sacrificed a lot for us, too. She gave as much as she could… and even if she had nothing to give, she would find ways and alternatives to still provide.

Mom with her kids, in-laws and grandchildren

She was always there for us. I can vividly remember some circumstances that she was there for me:

– I was prone to accidents when I was a kid, from cuts to my left eyebrow to chipped off toe nails, thus she would wake up late at night just to clean my wounds so that I won’t feel any pain

– when I was sick, she never failed to buy me Royal, Skyflakes and noodles, towel-wash my body and made sure that I drink my meds on time

– when I was in High School, I was hospitalized for a week. She dished work to take care of me when I seemed like a baby again because I can’t even change my own clothes, go to the bathroom and take a bath by myself

– when I was in college, I suffered from a severe migraine and felt like my skull would crack and I was gonna die. She traveled to my dorm armed with one of my fave dish of hers (ampalaya with egg and tomatoes) and made me sleep in her lap as she gently massaged my head

– when I decided to drastically shift from Engineering to Tourism and was afraid that my Dad won’t support it, she was there to assure me that whatever my decision is, she will be happy about it

– when I jumped from one work to another finding the right company and job that I would really love to do, she always believed that I would find what I was looking for

– when I would get awards and achievements in school, she was always there beside me to proudly receive it

My list can go on and on about the things that my Mom did and still is willing to do for me but I want to stop here and shift on my Sorry’s.

Proud Mama

They say that the people we love the most, hurts us the most. Well in that case, I sure did hurt my Mom big-time! I failed to live up and be the best daughter that she deserves to have…

Sad but true...

… I am sorry Mom for not being too patient with you and showed you irritation. I am sorry for not always being there for you when you need some company. I am sorry if I was not able to protect you. I am sorry if I fight with you about petty things. I am sorry if sometimes I make you feel that I don’t need you. I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry for all the things I have done that hurt you and I was not even aware of it. I am sorry for taking you for granted.

Through all the things that we've been through, I know that you will always love me... and I hope you also know that I will always love you, too.

Your love for me can not be measured and the sacrifices that you made can never be repaid. That’s why I hope I can still make you happy in so many ways. Some of my prayers had been answered already because you are living your life again. I am glad to know that you are now enjoying the things that you never enjoyed before.


Mom says: Ok, let's go!!! Excited to experience Palawan's Underground river with her High School friends.

I am looking forward for June because you will be here in Thailand with me. I am excited to treat you to the yummiest thai food, to shop the best dress for you, to accompany you to the Grand Palace and Temples, to let you try thai massage and among other great things that we can enjoy here.

For now, keep safe and enjoy the rest of your travels and gimiks 🙂

***We also fondly call our Mom, MAMOCKA. My sister and I read a short story when we were kids about a boy who got lost and when the villagers asked him who his mother was, he answered: My Mamocka is the most beautiful woman in the world. So they all gathered the ladies with exceptional beauty but none of them was the boy’s mother. Then suddenly, a short lady with features that you can’t really say beautiful, came running… and the boy run towards her and embraced his Mamocka. The story shows how our Mom can really become the most beautiful woman for us. 🙂

  1. jam says:

    waaah ate cha, katouch naman! T_T your mom is also a lucky mother 🙂 this makes me think about my own mama and how we’ve often hurt and taken her for granted. *hugs* enjoy time with her!

  2. Paula says:

    aww chaching, nice entry!:) i love the MAMOCKA story…really nice 🙂 made me teary-eyed. haha :

    • chajedidiah says:

      thanks Paula! nice indeed, now even my nephews and nieces call her Mamocka. 🙂 as for being teary-eyed, naku umiiyak din ako habang sinusulat itong blog :)))

  3. karl says:

    ain’t we blessed no frend?! sometimes its scary to be a parent kasi naisip ko i have to live up to my mamma’s examples which i can only imagine how hard… hahahaha. here’s to mom’s who have balls! 🙂

    • chajedidiah says:

      Gaaaah same here, it’s so cute to think of having a little baby but all hell will break loose ones you start nurturing that child and guide him/her through adulthood PLUS be a great provider.

      We are indeed blessed! grabe lang talaga mga pinagdaanan nila para palakihin tayo. APIR with mom’s who have the balls (as you’ve said haha)!

      • mei says:

        could still remember (Kalai days) you crying just because you wanna protect her but too far from her to do it. 😥 she knows (they could feel) how you love her much 😀

  4. chajedidiah says:

    yay! those were the moments… buti nalang andun ka roommate for comfort! salamat!

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