Random Thoughts @ 25

Posted: February 8, 2011 in random thoughts, travel
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I am glad that my thoughts when I was 23 years old (click here to see the list) still hold true for me. After 2 years, here are the other things I learned / realized:

* To LEARN and to SHARE will always be in my  to-do list.

* My hunger for learning is INSATIABLE.

* Setting BOUNDARIES is necessary.

* In order to help making CHANGES, we must start with ourselves. Cliche but true.

* Our life should reflect our advocacies. Stop complaining, sitting and wishing things will be better. Lets get our butts off the chair and ACT! Times are changing, we should change our attitudes, too.

* HATE is a disease. Do not let yourself be inflicted with this. Forgive and be thankful for the lessons you gained.

* Cherish the people who sees through you but still CHOOSES to love you.

* God knows me more that I know myself. Why? Because He gives me what I need and not what I want. He gives it to me at the exact time that He wants me to have it. It’s not because He wants me to suffer but because He wants me to realize that His ways are perfect than mine. I hope I will remember it – ALWAYS.

* People may ridicule your FAITH on a God that is non-existent to them, but don’t let them stop you from proclaiming your faith in Him.

* A dose of PATIENCE everyday will work wonders in you – it did for me. 😛

* AGE tells us that we have an expiration date – so enjoy life while it last.

* The HEART can be very deceitful. Sometimes it lets you see what you want to see even if those are just lies. The term “Follow your heart” is not always true.

* TIME is the greatest gift we can give to each other.

* Being AWAY opens your eyes to things you want to change, things you love and things that you took for granted.

* Death is certain but it’s not an excuse for us to disregard our HEALTH.

* It’s ironic how the world seems so big and so small at the same time. A BEAUTIFUL CONTRADICTION.

* You can always find JOY and GOODNESS if you choose to seek for it.

Some snapshots:

Hua Hin is a good place to retreat from the bustling city of Bangkok. Playing with its waves made me feel like I'm a kid again, walking in its streets made us discover some cool shops and of course there was the Night Market that sells yummy thai food. We then took the 7pm ride back to Bangkok so I can still meet my FK friends by midnight.

I never imagined that I will welcome my 25th birthday being stood up. I met Ivey and Sunny (2 of my FK friends from Bangladesh) at Thongta Hotel near the Airport since Hung (our Vietnamese friend) said he'll be arriving. We were shocked when the receptionist told us that he rescheduled his booking - the 3 of us were appalled by what happened but we managed to have some few good laughs while conspiring on the things that we would do to Hung during the debriefing. We found out the next day that he never made his flight out of the Philippines bec. he forgot to bring his ID card. The heineken beer is also a memorable one for Sunny 😛 - this is the Vietnamese twist of my birthday. Thanks Sunny and Ivey for the laughters and surprise gifts. 🙂

You can never leave Bangkok without shopping. It was Inad and Kannika's last day so we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Walking through the alleys, getting confused with the stores and layout of the market was tiring but it was worth it since we bought some good finds. A well-deserved foot spa was necessary after that. Inad and Kannika then hurriedly packed their bags and said their goodbyes as they headed to the airport to catch their flight back to the Philippines. Thank you Inad and Kannika for the instax, yanyan and surprise heart-shaped shades. 🙂 Your stay in my condo was a breather and our Hua Hin trip was really fun. 🙂

  1. Sunny says:

    Very long list…. I like to follow only 3rules…
    Eat, Sleep and Enjoy eating & sleeping 😛

  2. garnor says:

    heineken beer! cool! 😀

    you have a well shaped heart though deceitful at times. eww…

    youre one of the most consistent guys ive ever met. yeba

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