I Miss You Like Crazy

Posted: January 18, 2011 in FAITH, love
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May 18, 2010 (Imported from my Facebook Notes)

My UP life wouldn’t be complete without Tuesdays and Thursdays… not just because these days are really part of the week BUT because Tuesdays and Thursdays are days that are meaningful for UPd Navigators.

Tuesdays would mean that at the end of the day, there will be a TNT (Tuesday Night Together – I was told that the younger batches still holds TNTs on Wednesdays hahaha ang kulet). TNT is a time for fellowship for different batches to come together. We usually start late, and while waiting, some would chit-chat, eat, play nertz, review? (really questionable) or tell corny jokes (right Roy?). We usually have guests speakers during TNTs – mostly alumni or some of the elders (no violent reactions please). We have praise and worship, read God’s word, share our insights and then pray (which we were usually broken up to smaller groups so as to accommodate each other’s prayer time).

Thursdays are for our BS Group (composed mainly of Batch 2003 and Kuya Ram, our BS leader – we also have honorary members like ATE kythe). What i love most about Thursdays are our late night moments of Bible Study (BS), dinner, Kuya Ram bringing us “sosy” food like Shoppersville/Chocokiss cakes, SoftBatches, his own brewed coffee etc., our Batch who usually put in a lot of insights on the table (a subtle way of saying beating around the bush hehe), rotation on who will lead, laughters, lots of prayers, stories and more laughters. Thursdays were usually extended till weekends as we go on overnight (a.k.a akyatbahay gang) to our Kuya’s and Ate’s places. We continue our fellowship by nertzing till dawn, watching movies, playing other games, prayers, eating pancit canton, more coffee etc etc.

If there’s really one thing I really miss about my college life in UP, that would be those moments. God has indeed blessed me as He lead me to one of the country’s best schools… He blessed me with opportunities of great learning and also making it our there. But above all, He has blessed me because the time that I was in UP, that was the time I was able to know Him… That was the start of an awesome relationship with My Creator.

After almost 3 years from graduation… I asked myself what I have become after I stepped outside Philcoa and beyond. Again, He blessed me with work experiences and colleagues who taught me alot about professionalism and how to make it in a tough world. Last 2009 and 1st quarter of this year alone, He had granted my desires, of a job that I am passionate about, gives me the opportunity to travel and explore.

My next trip is a step-up on my exploration. I’ve been really looking forward for this not only because it will be my first time to go out of the country after exploring the beauty of our own, nor that I was able to save (really forced myself to really save!) for my budget, nor I will experience one of my top destinations to go to before I die – that is the Angkor Wat – BUT because I realized that I’m going to a country that for a time i considered doing Missions.

I remembered when Ate Zeny talked in one of our TNTs and shared her experience in ministering in Cambodia – a country that is still healing from its great lost during the Khmer Rouge. Some of the UPd Navs were able to do missions there last year and I’m sure they learned a lot from this experience. I on the other hand will be a traveler… But I pray that my time there will also be an opportunity to share God’s word and share His love abundantly. And as for my longing for Tuesdays and Thursdays, I pray that God will bless us with a common time for BS, a common time apart from work as we get together once again in His presence.

Why I miss you like crazy??? I miss spending those moments of prayers and BS with God… But I also realized that he misses me more… crazily missed me… I also remembered one of our Valentine’s FunNyt entitled Crazy Love… He is indeed crazy in love with us 🙂

our beloved tambayan... saksi sa aming kakulitan, kasiyahan, kadramahan... A place of great blessings and memories 🙂

Updated January 18, 2011:

1. I was told that our tambayan between Yakal and Ipil dorm was demolished 😦 So the younger batches use mats for their BS. Sad state but I’m glad they still continue meeting despite the circumstances. I’m looking forwward to reconnect with the younger batches when I go back. 🙂

2. My trip to Angkor Wat was AMAZING! Siem Reap was the highlight of our Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand trip.

I was not able to meet Ate Zeny though since we only stayed overnight in Phnom Penh and she was busy with the school they put up. But I was glad I was able to share my faith to Kim, our very kind TukTuk Driver who works really hard in order to send his younger siblings to school and provide for his family. He also keeps a stack of English books in his Tuktuk and spends time reading them while waiting for his passengers – it just shows his passion for learning 🙂 I hope someday I can meet him again. If you have plans of going to Siem Reap, let me know and I can give you his contact details.


Karlo and Kim eating a delicioso ice cream after a tiring but fun trip to Bantay Srey. Kim is one of Siem Reap's Hidden Treasures for me. Every time I remember Angkor Wat, I remember Kim, too 🙂

  1. MJ says:

    kilala mo si karlo?paano?

  2. chajedidiah says:

    kasali siya sa Lakbay Norte, ung fam tour na inorganize ko last 2010.

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