Welcoming 2011 in Krabi

Posted: January 14, 2011 in travel
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The problem with getting too excited and hasty decisions is that you sometimes overlook important details which will result to disappointments and disasters.

My trip to Krabi taught me that and it was an expensive lesson for me 😛

I forgot to click the flight + hotel option in the Airasia website so I ended up booking a hotel only for our 3 nights stay. I contacted Airasia but there were no flights available already since it was a peak season. So P’Nong, my thai friend, and I had no choice but to take the 12-hour bus ride to Krabi Town which also means that we have to lose a one night stay.

I didn’t research well about the hotel, too, because I was just soooo excited to spend the New Year at the beach. We were surprised to know how far it was from Ao Nang, the main beach area where numerous restaurants and stores are lcoated. If we want to go to Ao Nang from our hotel, Check Inn Resort Krabi , we have to take a taxi that cost between 300 to 400 baht per way. OUCH!

Our BIG room with complete amenities at Check Inn Resort Krabi. It was very clean, the beds were comfortable and we even have our own terrace. The problem was just really the location.

Since we can not refund our booking with Check Inn, I told P’Nong that I will just cover the whole cost of the accommodation (it was my fault anyway). Good thing we found a cheap guesthouse in Ao Nang that cost only 700baht (the equivalent of a round-trip way from the Check Inn Hotel to Ao Nang). We decided to just stay for one night in Check Inn before transferring to Popeye Guesthouse.

I didn’t want my first boo-boo of the year to be a total disaster so the happy and positive ME won 🙂

Goofing underwater. Maximizing our stay by swimming in Check Inn’s Pool before we check out (nice ryhme).

Underwater shots using my Lumix DMC-FT2

Invading privacy. Opposite of Check Inn Resort was the very posh and private Sheraton Hotel, who was offering a New Year Mascarade dinner for 9,900baht!!! (ouch). Good thing the security guard allowed us inside so we were able to access its very exclusive beach.

Klong Muang beach in front of Sheraton Hotel has soft and fine sand that you can't help but take off your sandals.

Our futile attempts to do a jump shot using a camera's timer hahaha

Wedding crashers! It was a very simple wedding along Ao Nang beach. But the couple had lots of uninvited photographers and wedding crashers.

What a sight! A romantic wedding on the beach, a couple jogging, and kids trying to fish on the shore (?) haha 🙂

Nature’s beauty. We hired a long tail boat that brought us to Thale Waek which means Separated Sea. It’s one of Thailand’s Best-kept secret since only few foreigners know about this place. Thale Waek is very beautiful. When the water recedes during lowtide, a white sand bar appears and serves as a bridge between the two Islands.

Walking on a white sand beach with two shores on both sides and two Islands on both ends:) Photo by: P'Nong

Flying prayers. Couples, friends, and families bought paper lanterns and said their wishes, hopes and prayers before releasing the lanterns to the night sky.

I was very grateful for a blessed 2010 and looked forward for an exciting 2011. I also prayed that I will always remember God's faithfulness to me 🙂 Photo by P'Nong.

Bursting fireworks.

We greeted the New Year in Ao Nang beach. It was a simple one compared to all the celebrations that happened in major cities but it was meaningful for me 🙂

My trip to Krabi laid the foundation on how I want my next travels for this year to be… just relax and enjoy the place at a slower pace (and of course not to be overly excited :P).

Bonggang Bonus:


I bought these 2 books for 100baht each! If you're a foreigner staying in Thailand, you'll know it's very hard to find bookstores that sells good English books.

  1. garnor says:

    whoa. nice blog chalet! youve become an official blogger in 2 years! 😀 buti ka pa di nega. hehe. i like best the lanterns and fireworks. thats one dope new year frendshp!

    khap khun khrap. very nice shots by P’Nong 🙂 sawas dee khrap haha

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