A Morning Walk Along Patong Beach, Phuket

Posted: December 16, 2010 in random thoughts, travel
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Early morning of December 6, 2010

Phuket is one of the Southern provinces of Thailand. It is considered as Thailand’s largest island and has approximately the same size as that of Singapore. It suffered from a devastating earthquake in 2004 which killed thousands of residents and tourists. After extensive recovery programs, the province is now back into business with its rubber plantations and the influx of tourists all over the world.

Its most famous beach area is Patong Beach. Patong’s sand may not be as white and fine as that of Boracay’s but they have better planning in terms of development, the roads are wider and the beach area is not crowded with restaurants. They also offer a wide variety of activities to choose from so it was indeed a great place for me.

My happy feet enjoying Patong Beach 🙂

During my first day in Phuket, (click here for the post), I took a mental note to wake up early and experience the beach without the crowd and here are some of my snapshots.

Morning vendors selling local delicacies, fruits and flowers.

You should really wake up early in order to see these pigeons because they'll be gone once the beach gets crowded.

Colorful shells and stones washed ashore.

It's very cute how these shells form into tiny "butterflies".

Patong Beach during early mornings - waking up early was worth it.

Locals setting up the jet skis to be used for the day.

At 8AM, lounge chairs and umbrellas were ready to welcome beachgoers.

Do you know what was running in my head while I was walking?

I was thanking the Lord for moments like this – for giving me the eyes to see such beauty, ears to hear the waves crashing the shore, nose to smell the fresh ocean air, tongue to savour local flavors, the sense of touch to feel the sand on my feet and simply for blessing my life with such experiences. I was hoping too that my loved ones can also experience such beauty and thank God for it.


A funny thing happened though. While I was walking, my phone rang. My friend, Mishy Co, called me because she was worried that I was not online for days. I laughed and told her “I’m here in Phuket, walking along the beach. It’s so beautiful here. You should definitely see it.” (of course, I said that in Tagalog). And we went on talking to each other about funny stuff. To Mishy Co, you just gave me the best phone call moment 🙂 and while you were driving for work and seeing traffic along Katipunan Avenue, I was walking and seeing waves along the sands of Patong Beach. But knowing you, you will definitely experience it, too. 🙂

  1. Ivey Rashid says:

    Nicely expressed!:)
    Wish I could join you!:(

  2. karl says:

    you always enjoy the early moments friend, don’t you? remember Anawangin and the stars? i guess we find the the quietest times to be the most perfect to just take it all in –:)

    • chajedidiah says:

      Yes, friend… I find joy when I experience things at its simplest and with silence.

      You were one of the people I was thinking about during this time… My hope was that you can also experience these things. i miss and love you!

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