Adventure-filled day: Island Safari with White Water Rafting

Posted: December 15, 2010 in travel
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December 5, 2010

I read from Trail of Ants’ blog that Awesome is one of the misused words in blogging but no one can stop me from saying that this day was AWE-(wait for it)-SOME!

Since the James Bond Island Tour was more on sightseeing, I wanted to have a doze of adventure so I booked the Island Safari Tour with Rafting. Ruba and Ari also booked the tour but Ivey, Zub and Aabir opted to visit the old Phuket Town.

1st Activity: Driving an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) cart through rubber and palm plantations. I was the only girl in the bunch. There were 2 guys from Kuwait, another guy from Dubai who can speak Filipino since he has many Pinoy friends, another guy from Germany and of course Ruba and Ari from Bangladesh.

Riding over some muds and steeps was fun. My hand hurt though because the handles were too stiff.

2nd Activity: Elephant Trekking. The bench on top of the elephant can sit 2 people. Since there were 7 of us, I got to seat on top of Nong Kep, the name of the elephant assigned to me, all by myself.

CHANG is the thai word for elephant. Changs are highly love and honored by Thais. You can see Chang images almost everywhere – they are even emblazoned in the flag of Thailand’s Royal Navy. You will know that the Chang was an important animal when you read through Thai history. They were used by Kings and helped the Kingdom of Siam (former name of Thailand) from winning wars over their neighboring country, Burma.

Nong Kep is just 4 months old. He loves eating bananas.

3rd Activity: Fish Spa. Well, this was the 3rd time that I get to try this so I was not that excited. But my feet needs that extra pampering, so I gave in to its whim. 🙂

Check out my "tan-lines" haha I forgot to put sunblock on my feet!

4th Activity: Elephant and Monkey Show. A trained elephant and monkey entertained us. The show made us all say “aaaaaawwwwww”, “hahahahahaha” and made us do “clap clap clap”.

Chang striking a pose for us.

Chang doing the Thai massage.

and of course, there's the "special" thai massage.

Two monkeys doing the Wai and saying: Sawasdee ka! 😛

5th Activity: White water rafting. I’ve been wanting to do this with Sir Anton Carag’s group in Kalinga but my plans with Ivan Henares didn’t push through. So when I saw that they were offering this activity, I immediately booked it. The 5 kms white water rafting along the Tone Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary River let out screams of joy. There were 8 rubber boats – everyone splashed water to each other with their paddles and bump each other’s boat to spice up the experience. Our captain was “kind” enough to deliberately bump our boat onto rocks to add to the excitement – this made Ari slipped out of his seat all the time.

We were not allowed to take our cameras so we had no choice but to buy this photo that costs 300baht (Php450) – but it was all worth it.

getting wet and wild - thank God it started to rain which made the water flow stronger. 🙂

We finished rafting at around 1 pm. Everyone was so hungry by then and just went straight to the buffet table. Our tour guide didn’t want us to have lunch before the rafting because someone might puke. 😛

6th Activity: Flying Fox. This was done in a hurry since some of us wanted to go to the waterfalls. This activity was ok, not much of an excitement – I had more fun in Subic’s Tree Top Adventure when we did the Superman. I was the first one to try the Flying Fox (bibo kid lang hehe).

Ruba, Cha and Ari all-geared up for the Flying Fox.

Flying Ari!!!

7th Activity: Waterfalls. We made a short trek and dipped in the cool waters of the waterfall.


A perfect way to end an AWE-(wait for it)-SOME day!!!


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