My Brightly Colored Eyeglasses

Posted: December 1, 2010 in random thoughts
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I’ve been staying here in Thailand for more than two months now. And maybe you’ve seen my status in Facebook and thought, “Cha is really having a great time!”.

Yes, I am having a great time. Why? Because everyday, I choose to wear my brightly colored eyeglasses. I want to tell you about this brightly colored eyeglasses of mine.


We all have heard the term “GOING OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE”. It means leaving the place or situation that we’ve been accustomed of and go somewhere or do something NEW. The term applies for people who works abroad (even to those who works in the same country but different province), to those who changes their jobs or companies, traveling to a unknown place, transferring to a new house, leaving our family and trying to be independent, high school students going to the city for college, etc etc. There are many examples of GOING OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE. I’m sure everyone of us experienced that at some point of our lives.

Maybe, you knew me as someone who loves to travel. Yes, i do, but I want to let you know that each time I travel, I do have apprehensions/fears – about my safety, about the people I will meet, what will happen, what if I get lost, what if my money is not enough etc. I also faced situations that required me to go out of my comfort zone. It was never easy for me. I remembered those times that I cried at night (hoping that my mom would be there), those times when I got sick and nobody was there to take care of me, those times that I feel unsafe, times when I felt scared and asked God why am I here.

It’s also the same here. I do have fears (a young lady living alone in a different country) and also the things that I miss about the Philippines: Filipino food, my family and friends, going home each night knowing that my housemate Karl is there, being able to express myself really well by talking in Filipino, not being afraid of getting lost because I can easily know where I should go, to be able to comfort my love-ones when they have problems, being there during important occasions, enjoying family outings, turning on the TV and watch Pinoy shows/movies, etc.

If I spend so much time sulking and thinking about the things that I can not do or what I will miss out, then I will be doomed from actually enjoying my stay here. If I would always think of how traffic is worst in Bangkok compared to Manila, how come most Thais can not understand English thus giving me a hard time to express myself, how Thai food is too spicy and lacks salt, why do they work slow, why their faith is different from mine etc. then I have just wasted my time thinking about the negativities instead of going out and explore what this country has to offer, how this country is uniquely beautiful.

That is why, everyday, I choose to wear my brightly colored eyeglasses. My brightly colored eyeglasses chooses to see the beauty of life, of new places, of new cultures, of the goodness in every person, of new experiences, of wanting to know how far I can go and how much I can do.

I know that going out of our comfort zones can be very nasty, sad, depressing and scary. But if you just stay within the comforts of what you are accustomed of, then I dare to say that you have not actually experienced LIVING – please do not misunderstand me that I am only pertaining of going abroad, it also applies to any situation you are in – situations that challenges you to go out of your comfort zones.

My hope for you is that you will also wear your own brightly colored eyeglasses and try to see things differently. Savour the moment, enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to actually try something new and the chance to know yourself better by not having the same comforts that you enjoyed.

NOTE: One thing that my brightly colored eyeglasses doesn’t tolerate is STUPIDITY. So please, be street-smart and do not trust people easily. Our safety is of course a primary concern when we go out of our comfort zone. 🙂

October 21, 2010 - The day we arrived in Bangkok after our 3 weeks Preparatory Course in Hat Yai City. The day when my fellow FK participants left Bangkok and flew to their Host Countries. The day I arrived at my new home and stayed there by myself until now. The day I felt scared of what will happen to me in the next 10 months. BUT things turned out just fine 🙂

  1. Amita says:

    Really like it CHA;; superb!!
    And most importantly, I can relate it to myself ; I am sure all of those going thru this will feel!!

  2. garnor says:

    wheres mine? 😀

    OUCH. talk about nega, heres mr. nega in the flesh! heehee nega strikes back!

    thats good attitude cha. attitude really means every difference there is between the good and the bad side of things. ive been learning that a lot recently.

    i cant quite distinguish if this is me being optimistic, numb, or plain bored. ive been having this breathe-deeply-then-move-on attitude lately. i just remembered sarj! she was saying the same thing to me two years ago.

    but i wouldnt throw my nega side away. its how i see the silly and funny stuff from all the mess. i wouldnt be me either if i wasnt nega. nyahaha 😛

    lets put on those brightly colored eyeglasses! i would prefer red or orange.
    cheers to attitude! 🙂

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