The LINK: Sustainable Development and Tourism

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Sustainable Development
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I have been wanting to take up grad school but my plans were always pushed aside because of other opportunities. But after my FK Project next year, I pray that an opportunity for a scholarship will come my way.

What do I want to study about?

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (SD)- it is a topic that got my interest after one of our sessions with Mrs. Teresita Suselo, a professor from the Asian Institute of Technology and our FK Lecturer. After the Prep Course, I went on reading more about Sustainable Development on the internet and free journals on the web.

Brundtland Commission 1987 defines Sustainable Development as a “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The way I understand it is that a development is considered sustainable when us, our generation, live a life wherein we are able to attain a good living standard BUT not at the expense of future generations (our sons, grandsons, daughters, granddaughters and so on). It means we should be able to live our life the way we want it while ensuring that the generations after us can have the same opportunity to live a life they want for themselves and it should go on and on for the next generations to come.

Why am I interested in this topic?

Well, there’s a growing hunger inside of me for more learning. I want to become a CHANGE AGENT – that somehow in my own little ways, I can make people know and understand that we (PEOPLE) are actually a grave threat to our own existence because of the consequences of our actions and decisions.

That hunger for learning is actually my first step on how I can help. I want to learn more so that I will be more equipped in integrating Sustainable Development concepts and principles specifically in my field of work, Tourism. One of my professors, Sir Randi Alampay, advised me that it would actually add more value if I take up non-Tourism subjects for my masters since I already have a Tourism background.

Tourism is basking in its glory these days. Everyone wants to travel. Everyone wants to see their country – the world. Everyone wants to have the best experience. So what does the government and private companies do? They develop areas to address the growing number of tourists. They spend so much money in development and promotions just to convince people to come and visit their destinations. I, too, worked for Tourism Promotions and it was indeed a fulfilling job.

It is true that Tourism helps communities because of the jobs and profits that it generates. I have seen how tourism changes the life of the people it touches. BUT as all stories go, there’s always a bad side. Tourism can also be detrimental to the environment, economic and social structures of communities. How can we then ensure that we minimize or moreover negate the threat of Tourism? I will further explain my points for each aspect in my next posts.

Sustainable Development. Author: Johann Dreo, 2006. From Wikimedia.

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  2. Prakash says:

    Dear sir

    We are goiing to lanuch our own website on sustainable development integrating
    three activities : Information Technology,Tourism and small industries.
    Looking forward to learning from you


  3. SUZANA MASABA says:

    why sustainable development link with the environment

    • Miss Suzana, the sustainable development is all about 3 things…society, economy and ENVIRONMENT, so it must be connected…

      The main goal of SD lies in the mission to make a balance between those 3 things…to have a good economy, high and satisfying standard of living, and have a clean and non degraded environemnt…the question is HOW?

      but this is a very very wide theme, so ….=)

      bye bye

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