A Day of Getting Lost and Prachao

Posted: November 14, 2010 in FAITH

After the Pacman-Margarito fight, I went out of my pad to take my lunch, check out the weekend markets near my place and go to the church that Sir Rey, our FK Facilitator, told me about.

The lunch was great, mixed meat with veggie soup noodles. The weekend markets were tempting but I tried so hard not to buy anything since I’m saving up for my trips. It was still 2:30 in my clock and the Sunday Service will start at 4:00 PM but I decided to go to the church anyway.

I rode bus #113 and said to the Conductor “Jutt Utthai Building”, as what the receptionist in my condo told me. But the conductor didn’t seem to understand what I said. I just paid my fare, looked outside the window and started looking for the building sign. After awhile, I saw Soi 70 and I thought that was my bus stop already so I pushed the stop button. That was a wrong move because it was not yet my bus stop! I walked for awhile looking for street signs then I saw a lady. I approached her and I was hoping she can understand English – which she did! I showed her the address of the building and she said “Ah! Jutt Utthai! (but she prounounced it as Due-tu-tha! and I realized that was why the conductor didn’t understand me because I pronounced it incorrectly). I asked the kind lady to write the name of the building in Thai which she did. I said Khap Khun Ka (Thank you) and rode Bus #113 again. I showed the conductor the paper and she said something that I didn’t understand, but when she said “sip sam” I understood that I need to pay 13 Baht for the fare.

After awhile, she said something (which I didn’t understand again) and pushed the stop button. I bet she said I need to get off here, which I did. I asked the ladies waiting at the bus stop where Jutt Utthai is. They told me to cross the bridge and walk a few meters. I did just that and FINALLY I saw Jutt Utthai building! I went straight to the toilet to freshen up and then took the elevator upto the 15th floor.

The sign on the left door as I stepped out of the elevator. I am finally here! :)I arrived an hour earlier, so I was able to see the Praise and Worship Team practicing for the day's service.

I looked for Pastor Jonas Bernales since he was the one Sir Rey told me about. Good thing the first lady I talked to happened to be his wife. She introduced me to Ate Odessa, a fellow Filipina who was in Bangkok for 2 months now. Ate Odessa and I started the “getting to know you” conversation and I was really glad that I finally met someone I can speak Tagalog with!!!

People started pouring in and then the Sunday Service started.

Pastor Jonas was really funny during the sermon. It was like watching a stand up comedian. The guy on the right was translating what he was saying in Thai.

Here are some points of today’s service:

1. The WORD of GOD is alive (active). – The Holy Bible stood the test of time and controversies because it is the Living Word of God.

2. The WORD of GOD in you will transform you. – I remembered my life before, and it was something that I don’t want to go back to. Christian life was never easy, who says it is anyway? It really takes my whole being to have faith in Him and choose, each day of my life, to follow Him. There were and will be bumps and zigzags along the way but His love and faithfulness will sustain me.

3. The WORD of GOD is painful but it will heal you. – This one is true especially if we are dealing with our sins or bad habits that we are having a hard time to overcome.

4. FACE the BOOK and not FACEBOOK!!! – I’m really praying about this, that I may be able to continuously do my quiet time with God. Each morning, before I do anything, I should fill myself up with God’s Word first.

The last point was something that amazed me. During the praise and worship, the second song was in Thai. I was caught off guard because I want to sing but I don’t know the words that they were saying. Good thing there was a powerpoint with an English translation. After awhile, I felt at peace again and sang with them in Thai. This moment showed me that regardless of language, if you really put your heart into praising and worshiping God, language will not be a problem because God looks into our hearts.

I now have a favorite word that I got from the song, “PRACHAO” which means “GOD” in Thai. 🙂

15F Jitt-Utthai Bldg. Ramkhamhaeng 73, Bangkok

  1. nina says:

    Woman talaga no?

  2. garnor says:

    every bit of faith that i see in your blog, is like a slap to my face. thats ok, i welcome it. i realized i must be one of the most stubborn people this side of the planet

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