Stallone-Pacquiao The Movie

Posted: October 4, 2009 in jokes

Another laughtrip from Chico Garcia… hahaha 😀

At the time, we did news that Sylvester Stallone wanted to do a movie with Manny Pacquiao. Looking back, I guess it might not push through, since we’ve never really heard anything about it since. But who knows, Hollywood has come up with some of the oddest pairings, so why not a Sly-Pacman movie?

January 15, 2009 → The Top Ten Titles For The Stallone-Pacquiao Movie – Jose de vengenge

1. Tomodache – “Pac You!”

2. Pancakes – “Buksingin Mo Ko, Lalaking Matapang (Akin Ka, Balboa)”

3. Pancakes – “Ilyen Birsus Pridator”

4. Alias Pusa – “Manny, Kicking Pinoy”

5. McMaki – “Mani At Rambo-tan (Para Sa Yo Ang Mubing Ito)”

6. Rodel – “Stop, Or Manny Will Talk”

7. Jesse Jude – “Rocky Sibin”

8. Lagendairy/McDenzel/Bobidax – “Hidden Soldiers” (Tungkol sa mga sundalong may balakubak)

9. Pendongs – “Si Rocky At Ang Taling Nagkapilipilipilitpit”

10. The Game – “My Quotes And I” (About Manny and Stallone who plays his coach)

11. Curt Smith/Danyel – “Blow By Blow (Brokeback Boxing)”

12. Simon Walker – Manny And Sylvester (Ay Towt Ay Tow A Putiket)”

13. Chelsi – “3rd Rocky From Gen San”

14. Draco’s Biatch/Ang Manunusok – “Toilet” (Manny and Sly as vampires)

15. Acer – “Let’s Get Ready To Rambo!”

16. Lyra – “Extreme Bok-Sing”

17. Specialist – “Pasko, Paksiw, Pacquiao”

18. PigDoctor – “Akin Ang Gen San, Yours Is Da L.A.!”

19. Mr. Perk – “Pacman Eats Talong”

20. Chito Resurreccion – “You, Me, & Jenky”


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