Posted: July 10, 2009 in random thoughts
To hear is to be able to perceive sounds. To listen, on the other hand, is to hear with a PURPOSE.

Hearing is just physical. Listening enables you to understand that sound. Listening takes attention, to actively listen means that you encourages communication.

I love talking… BUT I love conversations more. Conversations with friends, families build relationships. It enables me to share my thoughts as well as listen to theirs. Conversations fuel relationships. Hence, we have all sorts of communication mediums. We spent a great deal conversing with people. It is in our life-blood.

The sad fact though is that sometimes other people forget to listen, actively listen. They are sooo engrossed with their own ideas and what’s happening in their life that they go on talking and talking and talking… Sure they listen” but even if the other person is not yet finish with what he is saying, they already have an idea in mind and blabber about it.

The sad fact is, it can be really tiring when you’re on the receiving end… It sucks out the life in you that you would rather choose to HEAR than to LISTEN. And that you would rather choose to shut up so that the conversation won’t turn into a debate. In debates, there are winners and losers. But in reality, there’s no point in being the winner because you lose the person on the process. (I’m discussing debate on the context of relationships).

Conversations fuel relationships. So do know how to listen and share. 


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