Random Thoughts @ 23

Posted: January 29, 2009 in random thoughts

My random thoughts… but still, I got a lot of unspoken and unwritten things in my head that can’t form into words yet.

* Regret[s] is a waste of time and energy.

* Don’t take God at face-value… Seek, question, challenge, do anything, just be sure that you process it within you and not rely on what others tell you about Him. — which resulted on my faith in Him.

* Don’t be afraid to go out of your hole. There’s a big playground called EARTH for you.

* You don’t have to put up with people who just “takes”... zapping all of your energy.

* Life is NOT a box of chocolates, sometimes, there are Skittles, too… and even Nerds.

* Hindi porket pinagpapawisan ang kamay, eh kinakabahan na… minsan pasma lang yan… [or pwede ring kinakabahan lang talaga].

* Don’t settle for anything less than what you can really have.

* Innovate. Strive for new things, whether on skills, learning, talents… just go beyond what you are now.

* Family will ALWAYS be FAMILY… even if they [sometimes] pisses you off.

* Hindi ka pa lubos na nagmahal kung di ka pa naging tanga… but there are limits… pag di mo binigyan ng limitasyon, malala na yan at wala ng patutunguhan.

* Thus, respect and love yourself.

* Nothing beats conversations with friends.

* Live a life that resonates even after death.

* You are entitled to your own foolishness.

* Time is ticking, life is moving, live it like a child playing in the rain.

* Solitude can also be a good thing. Never be afraid of silence, of being alone. Sometimes, that’s the only way you can truly listen.

*Michael Jordan is one of my idols and I’m glad i’m wearing his number…

  1. garnor says:

    * You are entitled to your own foolishness

    – this is golden! i know there maybe better thoughts, other thoughts, but this one sticks with me

  2. […] hua hin, toughts 0 I was reading my random thoughts when I turned 23 years old (click here to see the list), and I am happy that all those thoughts still apply today. BUT I want to add more […]

  3. chajedidiah says:

    haha i knooow Garn 🙂

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