A Very Curious Case

Posted: January 12, 2009 in music / movies


Warning: May contain spoilers.

I just watched “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with Kuya Chito. We both enjoyed the film.Two-thumbs up . I didn’t even feel that the film was almost three hours in length (I’m glad that it was that long because there’s just so much to take in).

For me, it is more than just a movie worthy of accolades… it held a special memory of mine…


I had a dream before that has the same premise like that of the film… the difference though is that I’m the one who is getting y ounger…



*back page of my journal entry, dated September 10, 2004. Do forgive my scrawny drawing and the “cheesiness” of my writing because I wrote it when I was just 18 years old My regret though was that my journal entry wasn’t as detailed as it should have been.

Excerpts from my journal entry:

“I dreamt of meeting “The One”, as in the guy meant for me… Ours was a perfect love story that no one can destroy, ours was just pure love. We had a fun time together: just laughing, hanging around, doing goofy things…”

“Eventually we got married. Ours was a marriage made in heaven. The twist of the dream was [that] when I reached a certain age, I will get younger. [My partner will just go through the normal ageing process].”


I often wondered how my dream would end… how our love story would end. For more than four years, I never dreamt of it again or anything related to it. That was why I was sooo excited when I saw the trailer of the film because it was like that of my dream (having Brad Pitt play the role of Benjamin Button is a huge plus )


The film gave me one of the possible endings of my dream.


It also made me realize that in the end, all I ever wanted was for someone who will look at me and will be able to remember the life and love we’ve shared before he closes his eyes…


Note: I also wrote in my journal that if ever I have lots of money, I’ll make our love story into a movie because I’m sure it will be a blockbuster. Now, my wish came true because it is now made into a film with very high ratings except that I still don’t have lots of money hahaha


  1. teddi says:

    ameyzeng! thats one curious dream, and journal. hehehehehehehehehe

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