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Posted: December 9, 2008 in travel
When I was kid, I only see the world as Luzon and my dreams will just be about going to Manila to have my vacations and visit the “gigantic” malls.

But as I get older, my perspectives changed and I started dreaming of going to places. I remember my first ever plane ride -January of 2006- I even called my Mom because I’m too nervous since I was alone on my trip to Davao. Then there was my first ever Super Ferry ride going to CDO -March of 2007- which is soooo much fun because I’m with my UPdnavs friends and we even saw dolphins on a sunrise.

I enjoyed watching travel shows (and even dreamed of being a host hehe – kahit sa Lonely Planet o Globe Trekker lang masaya na ako ). Traveling is indeed learning in itself – aside of course for the leisure and recreation it gives. One of my tips is know a friend who lives there OR who knows someone who lives there. I save up from accommodation everytime I travel since I stayed at my friend’s or friend of my friend’s house (daanin nalang sa kapal este sa charm). It’s also good to check the net for references and also asked friends who have been there.

ALSO, to enjoy traveling, never be afraid of the adventure (I always try something new) AND never be afraid to ask. I ask for great places to visit in that area and how to get there so I don’t necessarily need someone to always be with me.

Below are just some of the places I want to visit before I die (in no particular order)…

*Maccu Picchu, Peru – I was seating in my World Tourism class while my classmates were reporting about Peru. Then baaaam! Na love at first sight ako when they flashed a picture of Maccu Picchu. I also fell in love with the story of the “Lost City in the Clouds” and the Incas.

I was really glad when Romi Garduce featured it last night in Pinoy Meets World.

*African SafariAfrica is a very rich continent. Sad though because its people don’t savour the richness of the land.

I love “into the wild” themes and a safari would just be that. And I want to see the hometown of Simba.

*Angkor Wat, Cambodia – Our Cambodia Missionary Trip didn’t push through so I’m hoping the youngsters will be going by next year. I fell in love with the place even more when Ate Zeny (Navs missionary in Cambodia) talked about the it and let us see some pictures.

I was also intrigued with Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge leader) and pictures of the Khmer Rouge’s victims sent a chill in myspine. Ate Zeny visited one of the prisons and there were pictures of people before they were killed and you can really see terror in their eyes. Their numbers were also pinned in their skin and Ate Zeny told us that to save from bullets, Khmer Soldiers smashed kids on trees and adults were hammered with the back of the rifle.

*Batanes, Philippines – There is something about Batan

es that really captivates me… it is a places that people don’t usually go for a vacation before but now is gaining its popularity. Hegel, my thesis partner, is from Batanes and she’s so inlove with the place. It is true that people there have sooo much trust that incidence of stealing is almost close to none.

I watched Kadin (The Goat)and the place is really like outside of the Philippines hehehe super ganda (ggggrrr kainis lang ung Batanes The Movie, the story line ruined the place hahaha)

Venice, Italy – A gondola ride in the water streets of Venice is a great place for romance

Since nasa Italy nalang din ako, might

as well go to Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel and the Pope

*Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Jerusalem

-I want to see and experience the place where My Lord and Saviour was born.

… see the places I’ve read on The Bible and also experience the mixture of cultures that is now in present day Jerusalem.

*Palawan, Philippines – is a haven in itself. I admire how its government is putting measures in protecting the place. I want to experience the underground river, great beaches, its sanctuaries and the hospitality of the Palaweños.

I also want to dive at the world-famous Tubbataha Reef… “just keep swimming, just keep swimming’ – Dory, Finding Nemo

*The Great Pyramids of Egypt– The enigma of ancient Egypt is sooo powerful that it still draws awe and

wonder. A camel ride to the pyramids overlooking an ocean of sand will be worth the ride.

The pyramids are also included in The Bucket List (a nice movie – free plugging )

*Experience Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) inJapan. It would be a lovely day when I walk in those pathways filled with Cherry blossoms…

Japan has a great mixture of history and modernity. I want to basked in its rich culture of geisha’s, samurai, martial arts (specifically karate), Japanese cuisine and old architecture. I also want to try Japan’s trains…

*Glen Eyrie Castle, Colorado – the official headquarters ofThe Navigators.

UPd Navs was a great part of my college life. We shared great moments of prayer and worship. I met soooo many wonderful men and women of faith from this bunch. I do hope I will be able to visit (or even live in the castle – GSP 2009?! hhmm) Glen Eyrie.

*This list is still a work in progress… When and How I will be able to accomplish them is a story on its own. It is great to be able to see the world and experience how we are different and yet connected in a way. Never falter in dreaming, because dreams make our waking moment more beautiful and exciting.

Additional Story:

Kuya Dan (do visit this link) is one of the most adventurous person I know and he has traveled a lot! I remember when he was in Alaska and he just slept on the back of a truck hahaha cool dude! He was a Missionary here in the Philippines for almost 10 years and stayed longer in Cebu so he is the Bisayang Amerikano. We had this funny experience in Ayala Cebu when the sales lady talked to me in Bisaya (makasabot ko gamay ra – I can only understand a little) and I stared at her then Kuya Dan talked to her in straight Bisaya. Haha Nashock si ate kasi mas magaling ung Amerikano sa Bisaya kesa sakin. I hope I can be as adventurous as he is… and that I can find it in me to just go… just go and enjoy the experience…

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