Mr. Moon Is Smiling

Posted: December 3, 2008 in random thoughts

Guys!!! Look at the sky, Mr. Moon is smiling with his twinkling starry eyes cute!

–> That was my message to everyone last night. I was on my way home to Karl’s place in Proj. 7 when a lady was telling me “tingin ka sa langit! ang ganda oh. nakasmile ung buwan”. I was hesistant at first because she might hypnotized me and get my valuables BUT the stubborn me looked up anyway.

And i was like… “waaaaaaaaaw!!! -with my huuuge smile”. I took out the cam but sad to say it wasn’t able to capture its beauty. Just goes to say that somethings are meant to be seen by your own eyes.

I lingered for a while then continued walking home while looking at the sky from time to time. I passed by the lady who told me about it and saw her telling everyone to look at the sky. It also shows that somethings are meant to be shared.

The funny thing was, my friends had different reactions towards it. Some thought that something was wrong with me, others thought I’m in love — haha loko kayo ah. I told them I’m serious and just look at the sky.

SAD for the others because their part of the sky was cloudy. — areas in Davao, CDO, QC, Las Piñas and Solano. — ang nasabi ko nalang: “Ay! Sayang. Ganda pa naman”.

Others gave me info, like Jam and Davie: the two stars that formed the moon’s eyes are Jupiter and Venus.

Heggy might just have the best experience since she lives in Batanes. I told her na dapat kasama niya si “boyfriend” punta sila sa burol ng Batanes, humiga at tingin sa langit. I had a laugh when I read her reply: “Aynako.. Ganun nga ang balak… Andun na kami sa park kanina, kaya lang di nakisama ung motor, flat tire.. Bitin haha…”

Last night was a night of awe, wonder and savoring the beauty of creation for me… Hope you enjoyed Mr. Moon and his twinkling starry eyes, too.

*photo courtesy of: Mr. Ravi Dixit.He also made this entry to give smiles of hope to what is happening now in India.

–> it just shows how such beauty can unite people, paint smiles of hope in a world of chaos… Let us continue to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in India, that no further harm will be upon them and also those who are in Thailand.


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