Posted: October 9, 2008 in random thoughts
I hate being afloat… hovering through life. I just miss the passionate Cha. The Cha who is so certain with the things she loves to do, the Cha who knows what is it that she wants and go after it. The Cha who designs, sketches, climb, play, be the adventurous person she can be.

Now, Cha is worried. She can’t even define things in her life. Fears are starting to build up, slowly suffocating her. She is just doing things for the sake of getting it done. Not excelling, just trying to finish it. Cha is trying to fight back, trying to give meanings with the things going on with her. She just misses the Cha who wrote passionately in her journal with words of praises, of emotions, of certainty.

She is clamoring for more.


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