Fixated Inventors

Posted: September 13, 2008 in random thoughts

Well, I’ve been getting Filipino Inventors to join one of the shows that I’m handling. And menh, ang hirap nilang kausapin. Most of them are old and quite makulit. But I patiently (?) call them for feedbacks.

I blurted to my boss: “Sir, ang hirap nilang kausapin eh!”. Then he answered, “You know why? Because they are so fixated in creating something that is not originally there”. A ratio of 1:100… Only 1 inventor succeeds from 100 struggling inventors. If they do become successful, malamang di ko na sila makakausap like Bill Gates. The Inventors that I’m contacting are the ones who are still in pursuit of discovering or even harnessing the things they’ve discovered. They don’t have enough funding from the government (whew! what else to expect). That explains why even at a low cost, they still want to be sure what they’re getting at.
I’m caught by the word fixated. And I imagined myself being fixated/obsessed/focused on something. If I’ll be an inventor, I’ll be fixated on:
1. Transport Zoooom: this is a personalized channel that connects you from your origin to desired point of destination. Hay, para hindi ko na maranasan ang traffic dito.
2. Windang Clothing Line: Clothes made from fabric that goes with the weather. In a day, we can experience extreme heat and coldness… So minsan di mo na alam isusuot mo. With these clothes, the fabric automatically makes you cold when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. 🙂
3. Wait… marami pa akong gustong inventions… but no time to type already… with this, Read Type Me: the computer automatically detects your train of thoughts and starts typing.
ay walang nagtytype… Sheeeesh…. I should really be a fixated inventor… 😉


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