Wagas na Pag-Ibig

Posted: September 5, 2008 in jokes
Wagas na Pag-ibig: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a near land… there lived a princess whom everyone adored. Her name is Sinde…

Princess Sinde is sooo cute that every prince would come to her hut… Offering her jewelries from Divisoria, clothes made from China, shoes from Korea. BUT her heart longs for something. She longs for it badly that it made her sleep. Her army of dwarves search every corner of the kingdom to find the magic gasera that will wake her. But they searched in vain. Losing all hope, the dwarves joined the touring circus leaving Princess Sinde behind. As time went by, Princess Sinde still sleep so serenely.

Then Prince Pirate from the other side of Quiapo is running away from the wicked step-momMMDA. He passed by Princess Sinde’s hut, shouting fast “Debede Debede Debede”… with those magic words, Princess Sinde suddenly woke up… rushed to the door and shouted “Debede Debede Debede”…

With interlocking eyes, they ran towards each other, shared a passionate embrace, a sweet kiss, a happily ever after…


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