Dance Moves

Posted: August 16, 2008 in random thoughts

I was with my family last Sunday. We were happily eating lunch at Gilligan’s then my nephew and niece started dancing. Ezboy, my uber hyper nephew did this unique dance move. We asked what it was called. His answer: “Swimming!” haha May swimming dance move din siya and I promise myself I will copy that the next time we hit the dance floor. It is different from my “Freestyle” dance move though.

Other dance moves worth mentioning:

Laba-Laba dance move by Ms. Katrina Pedregosa. This dance move inspired me to also make my Luto-luto, Linis-linis and Palengke moves (imagine doing those and just add a spice to make the groove).
Nahihiya ako dance move by Ms. Jean Barcena. It was unveiled to me during her beeday celeb. Nice one! Cuteness with all the shy shoulders, hair moves.
American dance move by Mr. Ram de Jesus. And the only dance I’ve seen him do, hard to explain hehe
Pagmasikip Dance Move by Keysi Camposuelo. This move truly maximizes your time on a crowded dance floor. Taas mo lang kamay mo… then let your fingers do the dancing

Pilay lock Dance Move by Ms. Vida Joan Gumera. A mix of shoulder locks and drag the foot move. Priceless din ang look ni vida while doing this.

*Yikes kasi pag puro nalang sexy moves. Ikaw, ano ang cool dance move mo???


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