Action Star

Posted: July 31, 2008 in FAITH, random thoughts

I could rant away all my worries and frustrations… But with just one smile, one look, one hug… all of my so-called “problems” vanished into thin air.

It was my 3rd time to visit this community in Rizal. Kuya Jaimz (our official photographer and driver –and who is by the way a prof in UPd Engg with a PhD) brought us to this community to see Christ in action. When we got there, the classes had already started. Kids were grouped according to age/grade level. Some where in a hall turned into a classroom and some are under shades of trees. The crew (Cha, Kythe, Vids, Sey, Roy, Chuck –Garner had a tutorial job) were separated to join each group. I went to a kinder class.

The Kinder class:

Kids doodled their names (James Barrientos, James Barrientos, James Barrientos until all the lines were filled out), painstakingly draw straight lines (that turned out to be crooked but they still went on), and racked their brains on the proper colors matching the drawings (a black sun, a red cloud, a pink heart). At first I just observed but I can’t help not to talk to them and guide them through their task for the day.

The community

This community is a ministry handled by Kuya Willy Manubay. He is a full time staff of the Navigators who focuses on Small Biblical Communities. These kids are the children of parents who are also part of the church that was built there (hhmm I should really ask Kuya Jaimz the name of that community in Rizal). While being with the kids, I also look at Kuya Willy from time to time and I always wonder how he manages to put all of these together. By being a full time staff, he has strong faith that God will provide all he needs, his family needs and what the community needs through people who also believes in this community.


Let us admit it. Poverty can be so prevalent and more real that we can ever imagine but poverty has also been a cliché. We see all types of poverty from news, documentaries, movies, on the streets, political campaigns, print ads and so on…

We are saturated by poverty campaigns that our system has accepted it as a fact of life. Thus, after a shed of tear, a lump in the throat, and a fast beating heart, we don’t do anything with what we have seen. These kids have seen poverty straight in the face but they still have hope for a great future and happiness to them can be like receiving a 2 peso Spanish bread after a day’s class.

While being with the kids, I prayed … I prayed that they will not lose their passion and always believe in the power of goodness no matter how bad their situations are. I prayed that their values will not be corrupted. I prayed that they will always see how Christ has been working in their lives as they grow.

I don’t have all the smart answers to solve poverty but being with the kids, I was in touch again with reality. The reality that even if poverty is present, there are people who still go out to help. People who volunteered as teachers to make kids enjoy learning at no costs, people who give, people who help in their transformation. Transformation that is more powerful than a piso coin we give to a beggar that only helps him in a while. Transformation that is from the soul.

Can’t you see the greatest Action Star working through all these??? Go climb a mountain, dive the seas, stretch your arms and see the fields, spend time with kids, go to hospitals that even a glimpse of hope is what they need, look into yourself, see how you have been created then you will see that the greatest action star is Jesus Christ…

“I could rant away all my worries and frustrations… But with just one smile, one look, one hug… all of my so-called “problems” vanished into thin air.” ~~my ranting is back again after a day’s work, but I do pray I will be better than who I am now.

  1. garnor says:

    wow 2008 🙂

    they have more chances to grow in faith, springing from youth, struggling with poverty.

    few of them will take Him for granted, but they will always remember. because they were kids when they met Him. through Kuya Willy, through you, and through all the believers who support this community.

    seeds have been planted again

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