Syeeeet! A Great Lost!

Posted: June 22, 2008 in random thoughts

Yesterday was one of my worst nights ever!!!

I lost my laptop… and not just any laptop… she has a name…. Cheechee (from Cha + Chuckie= ChCh

Cheechee was a gift from my dad… she came in a time when I badly needed her… a time when my thesis partner, Gel, and I are staying late nights just to finish the one last thing we have to do to graduate. Even though Gel would make fun of her name, I knew that she got attached to it too…

Cheechee and I have spent moments of laughter and tears. She gave me joy as I watched reruns of LOTR, Gladiator and all my fave films. We shared music together, great music together. She was there when I feel nostalgic about my family and friends. She showed me my happy moments with them. She holds many secrets about me too… writings that I never showed to anyone. She painstakingly stayed up even when sleep engulfed me. Even if she was a bit heavy, I would still lovingly bring her to my hometown, sleep overs and even in the mountains of Benguet. So many memories together….

The most painful part is that I lost Cheechee to someone I trusted. I lost her to my housemate… Syeeeet! Talking about breaking trust. Is this the payment for being so trustful? And that girl even has the same name as my mom: Cherry!!! Gaaaaaaaaad… to think that I even considered you as a friend and even let you in my room and talked to you, shared stories with you. It still is a puzzle to me how these kinds of people exist and has the face to show up and give a smile and even has the courage to be a part of your life.

Now, I am just like the Little Prince who has a rose… this rose who seems just like the other millions of roses… but it’s never alike really… a conversation of Little Prince and Fox struck me: “Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

It ‘s a time for me when technology is not just technology… when a gadget is not just something I tinker… it is when a “thing” became part of my life and holds memories of what I have been through.

This was my text to the “cradle snatcher” : Cherry, di ko alam if mababasa mo pa to. But when u do, I hope u still have the conscience na pag-isipan ung ginawa mo. Ung laptop na kinuha mo ay hindi lang bagay para sakin. Cheechee and pangalan niya at gift siya sakin ng dad ko. Ang sakit lang kc tinuring kitang friend while u were here. I just pray that when you’ll have kids, hindi mapass on sakanila ang mga bad characters mo. If u find fulfillment in stealing things then I pray that ul stop before it gets bad for you…”

Cheechee, I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to protect you from the “cradle snatcher”. And Lord, I pray that even if I always get jaded of trusting (or even loving), that you would always sustain me… that you would always let me see the good in a person… and that I will always be reminded that you are still my top fave. I also pray that those kind of people will still find it in their hearts the will to change…

Haaaaay……… I miss you Cheechee…


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