The Bus Ride

Posted: January 2, 2008 in random thoughts

I spent Christmas at my sister’s house in Bicutan… I wasn’t able to push through with my plans of spending my holidays in dumaguete… sadness… I was thinking of going to Makati for New Year’s Eve together with Imay… but that too didn’t work out… another sadness. The fickle minded me decided to go home to Solano to spend my New Year there… so I did a last minute packing.

I usually travel at night so that i can just sleep in the bus for the whole 7-hour trip but I wasn’t able to do that too. I was awake the whole time. I spent my time texting, playing pc games and staring outside the bus window. I enjoyed the last one most. It made me notice things along the way.

I saw an isolated house on top of a hill. It was decorated with Christmas lights.
I saw a huge tree that was almost bare with leaves except for a few left on top that gave it so much character.
I saw people who were still awake selling fruit, vegetables, food,firecrackers etc. clad in jackets and sweaters.
I saw vast fields bordered by mountains and I stared at them hard enough hoping for a “creature” to appear.
I was awed when we were passing along Dalton Pass. It was enveloped with fog and the headlights of traveling vehicles was the only thing that shed light in the area.

I didn’t feel afraid at all. I marveled with the things I saw. I was quite disappointed though because I can’t take out my camera and capture these images. The situation wasn’t ideal due to the moving bus and darkness.

All this time, thoughts would conjure in my head, thoughts that brought me a feeling of gladness and sadness.

This New Year for me is a year of independence but come to think I been independent in the past (whether i like it or not) as situations arised.

Just like the bus ride, I felt alone while looking at those wonders.

But just like the bus ride, there’s a certain joy to it and a valuable time spent in reflections and appreciation.


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