Going Home

Posted: September 22, 2007 in random thoughts

After almost a year, I had the chance to go back home for my nephew’s 1st birthday. I had apprehensions because of unsettled family issues. but I can not delay my coming home so the only thing I can do was pray and hope that everything will turn out right… and it did…

I super duper miss solano and so much has changed since the last time I went home. New buildings, New faces but still the same old happy and sometimes sad memories. The two days I stayed there was worth it! I had received timeless gifts like the hugs and kisses from my nephews and nieces, chatting with with my friends, cousins, brothers etc and the care I received like having a delisyoso home-cooked meal c/o my kuya… YUM!!!

The highlight of it all was that Sunday noon as we were having lunch at the family table. My dad and I had a spontaneous talk and ended up talking and crying… When I was still in Manila, I realized that my dad is the only man that hurt me the most… BUT I also realized that my dad is the one man that I will never ever give up because despite his mistakes and shortcomings, I still love him for who he is… and will continue on loving him… and I was right on not giving him up. I heard his side of the story and respected his decisions… I also told my views, what I want to happen in my life. what I want to happen in our family… I am glad that he respected what I said and that he agreed to my wishes.

My dad can be really scary and hard to talk, too. But I guess if your intentions are pure, clear and that you really live up to it, he senses that and have the time to really listen. I do hope my Mom, Kuyas and Ate will have the courage to say how they feel and renew their relationship with him.

Now, I am looking forward to my “next going home days”.


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