Posted: September 3, 2007 in random thoughts

After a long time, I saw Garner again… I had this feeling of wanting to hug him so tight but then the time and place was not right. We were in Jollibee Philcoa (hope you can see the picture) and he was engrossed in writing in our Navs’ logbook. So I just said my usual bubbly hello to Seylo and Garner. I can’t wait to read his entry as I see him scribbling intently. Our logbook was now dubbed as “the traveling logbook” (taken from the sisterhood of the traveling pants) and now it’s with me. I was teary eyed when I finally read Garner’s entry.
His story is for him to tell but my reaction to his entry is for me to write about. Garner is one of my closest friends ever! We have seen each other’s struggles and triumphs in life. We even made this “world domination” theme and to travel to different places. I greatly appreciate Garn’s honesty no matter how blatant or scary it might be. And it’s one of the things I value, honesty – truthfulness.
I deeply appreciate Garner! He is going through a tough time and admitting that he has those issues is even tougher. I do hope that during those “hibernation period” of his, he will be enlightened and may he always remember the great friendships he has! Iloveyou Garn from the bottom of my bottomless heart! 😛


“Isang hubad na kariktan ang katotohanan, tulad ng iniidolo na lantay na kahubdan. Dinadamitan ito ng iba’t ibang kulay upang pagtakpan ang totoo at di totoo”
—Teo T. Antonio


There’s beauty in truth… and I do hope we have the courage to tell it. and that we may have the courage to be honest about the truth we are telling.


  1. garnor says:

    awww. naiihi tuloy ako sa touchiness at hiya >.< ty cha

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