Cha: Accident Prone

Posted: August 12, 2007 in emergency

My 22 years on this planet was spiced up with the accidents that I’ve been through.

I had 3 sets of stitches already:

1st: If you see closely on my left eyebrow there’s a scar. I got that when I was around 7(?). Hinahabol ko ang kuya ko and then wham! I stopped and blood started to drip like tears on my face. I accidentally cut myself with a protruded nail (My ate even said na may remnants pa ng skin ung nail, ewness!) –reason for the accident: “ice tubig!” yep! Ayaw akong bigyan ng kuya ko ng ice tubig kaya ayun hinabol ko siya.

2nd: If you tried to hold my right hand and slightly brush the bottom of my little finger, you can feel a small bump. I got that during HS. –reason: I had this fave Digitel slim glass that I always love to use even if it had a crack already. After lunch, I was washing it when it broke. I saw a skin floating down the drain and blood started to mix with the water. I immediately tied a hanky on it and called my mom. I was crying as I was telling her “Madi ak makasurat ten” (I can’t write anymore) and I remember that my niece made fun of me at chinika ako sa mga kalaro niya na hindi na ako makakapag sulat… ampness na bata! Good thing the doctor said few veins were damaged and it would heal. True to it, I can still write!!! =)

3rd: It happened June of last year at Kuya Ram’s apartment in Katipunan. My left big toe smashed on the bottles beneath the sink and made an ugly cut to it. Menh! If only you can see the blood on the floor (para siyang crime scene sa CSI). So I put pressure to it and crawled to get my phone, Roy was in school for enrollment so I called Aivan who lives on the 3rd floor. Good thing she trained with Red Cross (haha funny lang while she was recalling everything she learned –tapping her forehead while saying “Red Cross, Red Cross, Red Cross) Reason: I slipped on the wet floor kasi “sinipag” ako nung araw na un to wash clothes (sabi na nga bang dapat di nagsisipag eh hehe)

So I was not that afraid of needles because I got used to it (with the stitches and the endless blood samples I have to go through). I even requested Doctors to make the stitches look pretty

I had also various scars in my body, like the one on my left hand (due to my biking spree in grade school), the one on my right knee (wah! It happened after my HS grad ball when I had 360 degree turning after because of that stupid cable na nakaharang sa dadaanan ko hehe)… and oh! when I was kid, the nail on my right big toe was cut into half during a soccer game. I kicked the ball so hard that my foot hit the floor. (good thing they don’t look that weird!)

I had other bits of accidents (some were not as exciting). And now I am sporting a new addition to my misadventures. I have a sprained ankle after I twisted my right foot on an uneven floor last Saturday. I screamed big time as I heard a loud pop! (This was not the first time, since I also had this one during my freshman year. The Kalay Open House- I excitedly ran down the stairs toward the Basement Boys’ wing when I fell down) ~~Don’t worry I still look pretty normal haha hindi pa naman ako mukhang Frankenstein

Now, I am limping my way but I have the luxury to wear slippers even in the office weehee


  1. teddi says:

    wehh. there should be a limit to how clumsy a person could be! 🙂 funny yung account ng 3rd stitch mo cha, ROFLMAO. your the man you clumsy punk! 😀

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