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Posted: July 11, 2007 in FAITH
–> “In life, it’s better to have a dream and give it a try than to live in mediocrity. It’s better to give the impossible a chance.”
–> “Great men are ordinary men who never give up.”
–> “It is truly better to give than to receive. What you gain materially last only a season. What you give away to others lasts a lifetime.”
–>”What will you give to the King?”

-quoted from the book, The Church That Never Sleeps by Pastor Matthew Barnett

These quotations are just some of the many things that made me stop and think… the book was a good read, it gave me tears, laughters and the constant nudge in the heart… made my heart beat a lil faster… made me think of the people i so much love and of the people i want to reach out to… It’s about a church in inner city Los Angeles (that is a home for gangsters, drug addicts, prostitutes, marginalized etc) that is open 24/7 for the community. It helped the community by giving food, clothings, education, trainings, a place to stay… but more than that, it actually is a place of love. yup, LOVE, a word that is sooooo oftenly used by people in different ways and languages but still it doesn’t lose its importance. Coz you see, Love is still much needed today just like thousands of years ago. Breakthroughs in civilizations haven’t managed to substitute the very thing that one needs… and that is the feeling to be loved…
For me, no greater man ever born expresses the most powerful and awesome love than what Jesus did for us… the way of the cross… hhmmm i can see some of you raising your eyebrows and saying, yeah right! i heard that so many times before… in the pulpits, in tv, in movies, in people walking around carrying Bibles blah blah blah…
But I tell you what, no amount of cold shrugs, poker faces or even blatant disapproval can stop me from sharing the Love of Jesus. Just to clear things up, I still sin… I still hurt people, I still do some bad things but that is not the point here… My point is that no matter how much I mess my life with my decisions or actions, there is still that one person who loves me so much, a love i feel that goes beyond the physical boundaries. You see, I really wanted to share to you this LOVE, for surely it is for you to take and experience… all you have to do is give Him a chance to enter your life. All you have to do is accept His offer of an unfailing love and a faithfulness that is far greater than you can imagine. He is just a prayer away, it wouldn’t cost you a cent, it would just cost you a lifetime – a lifetime that is abundant with love, joy, peace… a sprinkle of suffering will be added but I tell you, suffering will work in a way that you would just see it as a venue for growth and for greater happiness. Remember, He is open to us 24/7, never closes, no holidays, no blackouts, no nothings…
Note: on the sinning part, it is essential that you acknowledge your sin and and ask for forgiveness… wholeheartedly… 
For violent reactions or brilliant ideas, don’t hesitate to comment on this… hehe guaranteed no extra charge
  1. garnor says:

    uh. whats wrong with my memory, if i had not read this i would not have remembered reading it!

    kay kuya ram ba galing to? i miss his books….

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