The ER Episode

Posted: June 7, 2007 in emergency

With a loud crash and thud… i found myself lying on the floor… with the pitcher and wine bottles scattered. the white tiles was stained with the color of crimson red. I look for the aching part, and saw my big toe bleeding… i saw a rag nearby, quite a bit dirty but that will do. I have to stop the bleeding… but the blood was sssoooo hungry to breath fresh air nyehe…

So i thought, who will I call? Roy? nope he’s in UP, Aivan? Yep, she just lives downstairs. I crawled my way to the bed leaving blood trails… got my phone and called Aivan… I was only able to say, “Aivan, nasugat ako… andaming dugo (Aivan, i got wounded… lots of blood).” after the call i crawled my way to the door to unlocked it, again, leaving blood trails. Aivan came with her first aid kit, quite panicked when she saw the deep cut. She got some ice for the wound, got a piece of cloth then tied it to put pressure and lessen the bleeding. We were laughing all the time because she was thinking everything she learned from Red Cross and I was thinking that I was a wounded Agent who needs backup (thanks to ALIAS Series).

We went to UP Infirmary and had it check. The doctor said it needed stitching and all can think was “Too bad I didn’t bring my DigiCam!”. Good thing though i had my Camphone with me. I wont go into so much details of my ER moments, I just told the doctor to make the stitches look nice and pretty. I had 5 injections, and 7stitches in my left big toe. The painful part was when i was injected with anesthesia near the nail and of course the recovery part wherein I have to take painkillers and couldn’t normally walk…

So that was my adventure last June 4… not to mention my disorientation when I arrived here in Manila from Cebu last May 30 after my 2 months practicum.

Thus, starts my adventures again in the big city…


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